Useful Links

Communities & Groups

  • Southern Indiana Amateur Radio Operators – Facebook group I created to better connect hams in Southern Indiana outside of their local clubs but still within their general local regions.
  • /r/AmateurRadio on Reddit – Active and helpful subreddit. Pretty laid back and not-so-serious but also a great source of interesting projects and knowledgeable members.
  • /r/RTLSDR on Reddit – Active and helpful subreddit for all things related to Software Defined Radio, projects and software.
  • #RedditNet IRC chat – The official IRC channel of the Amateur Radio subreddit. Laid back discussion but an extremely helpful and active IRC channel for everything ham radio. (IRC: #redditnet)

YouTube Channels

  • WI9LL – Will is a local ham who has a great and growing YouTube channel. Be sure to check him out!
  • Retro Tech & Electronics – Although the channel description states it’s mostly about old tube radios, 8-bit computers and electronic gear, I have found it a great resource when configuring my APRS setup.
  • Jim W6LG / Ham Radio Basics – High quality videos with good audio and even better information. Jim communicates clearly and his video series are a great resource for all hams.
  • Dave Tadlock – Great antenna making channel. Long videos, but concepts are explained clearly. Interesting and sometimes comical antennas built on this channel. Worth a sub.
  • CommsPrepper A channel dedicated to emergency communications. I subscribed after having watched a useful tuner video or two. Videos are short, not long and rambling.

Products From Other Hams

The below products are items I have personally purchased and have used. I get nothing in return for linking these here, other than the personal satisfaction of knowing that I may be helping a fellow ham sell a product that they have made.

  • N9TAX roll up 2M/70cm J-Pole – This is a great antenna that I carry with me on long backpacking or camping trips. It can be hoisted high into a tree. The height combined with it’s advertised 6dB gain will help your HT be heard when being heard may be life or death (or you’re just bored sitting around a campfire).
  • SignalStuff Antennas – The creator of also creates excellent whip antennas for HTs. I found the performance to be equal to or greater than my Nagoya whip for my HT. These lightweight antennas can also be rolled up without harming them for storage when not in use. I use one while hiking for APRS coverage. Great antennas!

Tools & Resources

  • DXMaps – I like using this to show a list view of all recent DX activity on a band I am watching. I’ll narrow it down by the last 15 minutes of reported activity and it helps me locate frequencies that are active. Generally I use it for 6M, but can be used for all other bands as well.
  • – All area APRS activity, mapped. Great tool for those running APRS services or those who just want to peep the APRS network.
  • PSKReporter – I use this when operating digital modes so I can have a general idea of where my signal is being received.
  • BandCondtions – A good, quick reference point of HF band conditions. I just keep it open in a pinned tab.
  • Two Letter State Abbreviations – Hey, sometimes you want to call CQ on digital modes to get a specific state and you forget what it’s two letter abbreviation is…
  • APRS VHF Propagation Map – Good tool for determining potential VHF openings. Map is generated by active APRS stations that receive distant packets. I’ve used this to make 150+ mile 2M contacts when the conditions are ripe.

Friends of N1AAE

  • WI9LL – Will is a local ham who likes to build antennas and tinker on projects. Check out his website and his YouTube channel (linked above).