Adding Fox-1D to Gpredict

The Fox-1D/AO-92 satellite launched into orbit earlier today (Friday, January 12th) and can be added to Gpredict easily using the steps below. More information on this satellite can be found on AMSAT’s “Getting Ready For Fox-1D” document located here.


Assuming you have already installed Gpredict, do the following:

Edit > Preferences > TLE Update

Find the TLE sources list and add:

Select the, “Add new satellites to local database”

and click, “OK”

Now, go to:

Edit > Update TLE from the net

Let it run it’s update.

Now you should be able to find, “99934” in your list of satellites, this is Fox-1D. Select the appropriate arrow to add this highlighted satellite to your list of tracked satellites.

That’s it! Have fun and enjoy yet another (hopefully) great satellite!

Fox-1D Gpredict